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tidy: HTML Syntax Checker

Tidy has just recently been ported for the Zaurus early Sharp ROMs. I know for sure that it works on ROMs 2.38 and 3.10. Links for some other Zaurus ROM versions are listed below as well.

Tidy is a lot easier for me to use than the online validator services. It can generate a corrected markup, but I prefer simply using it's error listing to tell me what pieces of code need correction.

However, I am sorry to have to comment that the HTML Tidy for Linux released on 1 September 2005 which I am using on my Zaurus fails to detect missing character set declaration. So, once you find that a page seems to have no errors when you run it through your local version of Tidy, unless you have a more recent version that has fixed this, I recommend you also run your html page through the validator at

With that caveat, I still must say I much prefer running Tidy locally for initial html syntax checking, as it is so much quicker and easier to do on my Zaurus.

Tidy's home page is at:

Great information explaining what tidy does and how it works can be found at:

Tidy for the Zaurus Collie ROMs 2.38 and 3.10, which also works on Tosa ROM 1.12, is available at:

For pdaXroms, tidy is on the feed at: Download IPK

The output from tidy can be unwieldy to work with because of the Zaurus' small screen, so I wrote a script that gives me just the error listing, with no additional information. The current version of my script can be found here.

Revised October 6, 2011