Qcoptest: An Amazing Qtopia Utility

Want to watch what is happening in qtopia? Install Qcoptest as an aid in writing, installing, and debugging scripts and applications. The following page in Japanese is a basic qcoptest resource, with examples, this seems to be the closest thing to a viable home page for qcoptest, the original home page link to www2.gtd.com has not worked in years.


You can try reading Google's translation or Yahoo's translation of the above page. If you want to read more in English about what qcoptest can do, you can read my discussion further down below.

But first, here are some links for the IPK which definitely works on Sharp Roms for Collie and Tosa:


The Qcoptest program automatically creates log files to which it makes entries every time you run it, for every channel which it monitors. What qcoptest does is basically record qcop messages and responses received on various channels, and it allows you to try out different commands and see what the results are. To learn more about qcop and see sample commands, also read my separate page about Qcop.

The problem with writing qcop commands, even with the assistance of Qcoptest, is that it is not easy to find out the exact syntax for the command you need, it can take a lot of trial and error, but at least qcoptest tells you whether your message gets through. And if you are lucky, it helps you a lot more than that.

You can either view the logs created by qcoptest from a terminal program or browser, or watch what is going on in all five channels from screens inside of Qcoptest itself. Here are the names of the files it creates:


I also found mention made of a userchannel.txt file at a Qcoptest site on the web, but it does not appear in any tabs or files created by my copy of Qcoptest.

Here is some sample output of a few lines from the log created by qcoptest for the system channel. Note Qcoptest can be used just to monitor the system, whether or not you write any qcop commands yourself.

Logging Start at Fri Oct 7 00:09:43 2011
00:09:44 - Recv - appForeground(QString)
    QString : "qcoptest"
00:09:44 - Recv - notBusy(QString)
    QString : "qcoptest"
00:09:44 - Recv - appRaised(QString)
    QString : "qcoptest"
00:09:56 - Recv - displayChangeDone()
00:09:56 - Recv - appForeground(QString)
    QString : "embeddedkonsole"
00:09:56 - Recv - notBusy(QString)
    QString : "embeddedkonsole"

Revised October 7, 2011