htmleditor: simple HTML editor

I know I said I really like DarkStar, but the bare-bones, simple htmleditor package is the one that I use almost daily because it loads more quickly. While DarkStar takes the time to locate every html and text file that has a desktop entry, htmleditor waits for the user to use it's file browser to locate and open whatever file is desired.

It has a "Save" and a "Save As" in a dropdown menu, and unlike Sharp's texteditor, htmleditor saves the file and lets you continue working on the file.

One drawback is that htmleditor will not edit files that are not htm or html files. The advantage, though, is it will edit html files that do not have desktop entries, and I find that very handy.

The other problems with htmleditor are a bit more serious, although not problematic enough for me to change to DarkStar, because speed and the ability write and edit files without desktop entries also are priorities for me. htmleditor does not ask if you want to save a file before you exit. while qtopia's built-in text editor also lacks this feature, it is a very handy feature that the DarkStar author built into that package.

The other problem is much more problematic, but I can avoid triggering it if I pay attention to what I am doing. It seems that if I accidentally select a wrong file to open while using htmledit, it overwrites that file with my current draft, rather or in addition to writing my current draft to the file I request it be written to. I avoid this by not selecting any files I do not wish to work on, and by simply closing htmleditor if I tap on any files in it's file browser by mistake.

It is true that htmleditor also is twice the size of DarkStar. My copy of htmleditor is 234575 bytes, compared to the 112689 bytes of DarkStar. And it does not have the frills and basic editing features built-in that darkStar has, but with my slow ROM, htmleditor has been more practical to use when elvis will not do the trick.

You can find htmleditor for the Zaurus at http://quickening.zapto.org/ZaurusFeed/htmleditor_1.0.0_arm.ipk.

When quickening was temporarily down, with a new server getting installed, I did a bit of searching for other sources. Yes, there are more recent versions of htmleditor, but I cannot guarantee they will work on ROM 2.38.

So, I checked http://www.zaurususergroup.org/feed/Packages, and found the following essential information for confirming the ipk you download is intact:

Filename: htmleditor_1.0.0_arm.ipk
Size: 74811
MD5Sum: 3d6dfcbd0ca98ca15bac2a17a6705141

And I found the ipk at the following url, but did not confirm it's md5sum:


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